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This blog is a slush of miscellaneous bullshit. The best thing about tumblr is that I can post content at my own discretion, without a particular theme. And that's exactly what you'll find here: art, webcomics, music, cute folks, etc. I used to post political things here, but now they're reserved for my political blog, leftistshuffle.tumblr.com. I also co-mod fuckyeahamericanart.
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Gil Scott-Heron,
I'm New Here
don’t know how many times i dreamed to write again last night
should’ve been asleep when i turned the stack of records over and over
so i wouldn’t be up by myself
where did the night go?

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Frank Ocean,
channel ORANGE



Frank Ocean || Crack Rock

i can’t wait for his new album jfc

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Lil B,
Scripture From BasedGod Vol. 1
And my docile, fluent arms
Knotting themselves with wild strength
To clasp what they have never clasped.

D. H. Lawrence, Virgin Youth


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Ben Kweller- In Other Words


"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.

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self portrait, los angeles

feb 2014

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Trompe loeil with Léger head and paintbrush, Roy Lichtenstein (1973) via Fondation Beyeler