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This blog is a slush of miscellaneous bullshit. The best thing about tumblr is that I can post content at my own discretion, without a particular theme. And that's exactly what you'll find here: art, webcomics, music, cute folks, etc. I used to post political things here, but now they're reserved for my political blog, leftistshuffle.tumblr.com. I also co-mod fuckyeahamericanart.
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This c span book tv I’m watching has a few minutes in the introduction of just silence, the speaker introducing this author is talking but there is no sound. No one told her and she made it to the air with that, talking but not being heard on the airwaves. It could be who the author is, a blonde lady who worships the founding fathers, or the fact she is speaking at the Calvin Coolidge library, one absurd detail following the other. She’s not really for one side or the other, but her tone of voice can be annoying to listen to. Hmmmm. So it goes.

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